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Selling guide

The 0com.co.uk Guide to Selling Property

Here is our suggested process for selling your property. Please do your own research - your own requirements may vary depending on your circumstances.

1. Prerequisite: EPC
Before you can start to sell your home, you must obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), to provide to potential buyers. An EPC gives information on the energy efficiency of a property. 
More information on EPCs is available at https://www.gov.uk/buy-sell-your-home/energy-performance-certificates

2. Finance
Get a clear idea of your property’s value, by researching online and comparing local prices of similar properties, and finding land registry information regarding actual sales in your area. 

You may also want to find a solicitor at this stage for the contract work.

3. Market
Decide how to market your property – you can market the property yourself with sites such as 0com.co.uk, or via an agent. 

Prepare your home for viewings, ensuring that it is as tidy and attractive as possible to viewers. Ensue you have details of utility bills for viewers if required.
4. Offer and acceptance
When you receive an offer, decide whether to accept it or not. Some negotiation may be required.

Once you accept an offer (with "subject to survey and contract" conditions), the buyer may ask you to take the property off the market. Your agent and solicitors will communicate to confirm the sale.

5. Legal
Your solicitor / conveyancer will now start the legal process; including drafting contracts, releasing deed details, and any other legal work required. 

6. Survey
The buyer’s surveyor will visit your property in order to prepare a report.

7. Resolve problems
The legal and survey processes may raise some problems – for example, the survey may discover work required on the property, or the deed details may have some unusual components. These problems should be resolved - depending on the circumstances, this may require some further negotiations.

8. Exchange
Once any legal or survey problems are resolved, you can proceed to sign and exchange contracts, including agreeing a completion date. Once contacts are exchanged, you are legally committed.

9. Removals
Organise the move – plan how to get your contents out of your old property. 

10. Complete
The completion date is the date when you have to leave your property, and the new buyer moves in. 

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