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We are a Social Media Property website and free for all


Here are some of the most common questions we get asked, if you have a question please use our contact page

* How do I get a mortgage
This would be via a bank, building society or financial advisor. The amount of your mortgage depends on your personal circumstances and income.


* What payment do you need from me
We do not make any charge for our site or any part that you use. The service we provide is on an as seen basis and free for you to use as you see fit to sell or let you property (or properties)


* What happens if you do not sell or let my property
We have to make this clear, we are not selling or letting your property in any way. What we are doing is freely providing you with the tools and the website to sell or let your property with no fees or charges to you.


* How long can i use your service for
There is no time limit, you can use our service for as long as you need


* What if I need to alter things about my house or flat
Once registered you have access to your own account to manage existing properties or add new ones. You can edit the images or text at any time you choose, 24 hours a day


* What about professional services such as surveyors or solicitors
We do have a page showing traders or professionals that want to advertise on our site, while you are free to contact them you must be aware that we do not guarantee or recommend any or the traders or professionals listed as this is simply a common area for you to see and select a service you desire


* What happens after my house is sold
Simply log into your account and delete as appropriate


* How do I arrange an appointment for a viewing
We strongly advise you check any prospective buyer and perhaps have someone else with you when they visit. Daytime is preferred to evening and although we do not want to cause any undue concern you have to remember you are allowing a stranger to enter your home. Simple security is all that is usually required


* What price should I advertise my house for
This is difficult, too high will make your property undesirable, too low may well sell quickly but you will lose money on the deal. the best way is check online what properties in your area are selling for and price accordingly.


* What about rental instead of selling price
The same logic will apply, too high prices you out of the market, too low may put people off


* How do I upload a "thumbnail" picture
When you upload any image our system will create thumbnails and display images for you in the correct sizes so dont worry.


* How can I get in touch with you
Our contact page has a web form you can use, in addition to this our phone number is on the top of all web pages


* How do I add video to my property
We suggest that you upload the video to www.youtube.com then use the "embed" link in your 0com.co.uk admin area by selecting the property and pasting the "embed" link into the correct place.


* Can you suggest anything to make my property stand out
Well good photos are a must, in addition to this mention the school catchment area you are in and if there is off street parking as these are often major considerations for families moving home.


* What else do you offer to help me buy or sell a property
We have a growing library of guides and checklists to make moving easier for both buyers and sellers. You can see these buy clicking any of the links on the top menu


* What if I want to get a special feature added to my property
We are always open to anything that will make the site better, if you have a suggestion get in touch and we may make it available to everyone


* Do you provide an auction or agency to sell or let my property
No. We are simply providing you with a free way to advertise online, thats all.




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